’62 Center Dance Studio

Dance studioThe ’62 Center for Theatre and Dance’s dance studio has full-length glass walls that provide panoramic views of the campus and surrounding landscape. The space serves as a unique performance venue for small dance productions and music recitals. It features a sprung wood and Marley floor, and a complete audio-visual system.

’62 Center for Theatre and Dance

'62 Center for Theatre & DanceThe ’62 Center for Theatre and Dance features three distinct performance venues of varying styles and sizes, designed to meet the college’s unique performance and programming.

The MainStage is a “courtyard” type proscenium theatre large enough to attract touring artists yet its design provides an intimate setting for college-based rehearsals and productions. The MainStage is the primary performance space for the dance department’s student ensembles.

The CenterStage is the “work-horse” of the theatre department – a 150-seat flexible flat floor studio theatre with a strong point-of-view. The space includes moveable balconies, a lift, and giant sliding doors that open onto a lobby.

The Adams Memorial Theater is an intimate 220-seat thrust-type theater that is used for a wide variety of events including music, dance, theatre and public forums.

The ’62 Center for Theatre and Dance was designed by William Rawn Associates.

Costume Shop

Costume Shop imagesThe costume shop is centrally located to facilitate movement throughout the ’62 Center for Theatre and Dance’s performance and rehearsal spaces, dressing rooms, and storage facilities. The shop is sophisticatedly equipped to aid designers in producing beautiful costumes and to allow students to learn the craft of costume design.

Acting/Dance Studio

dance-studio-newThe Shared Studio, located adjacent to the main Dance Studio, is intended for rehearsals, classes, and workshops in movement and acting. The sprung hardboard, masonite-surfaced floor is well suited for both tap and step activities. With a mirrored wall, full sound playback capabilities, and generous windows, the room is an ideal rehearsal space, though not specifically outfitted as a performance venue.