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Vintage dance photo 1

      Dance Class circa 1980s

The Dance Audio Project was formed in the summer of 2022. The department chair, Sandra Burton has been wanting to preserve important icons to the dance department since its inception in the early 1970s at Williams College. Joined by local journalist Kate Abbott, a recent graduate Vanessa Quinland and a current student Alex Bernstein. Together they started documenting the history of dance at Williams College.
If you'd like to share your story please reach out to Rebecca Wolfe  [email protected]

Sandra Burton, Dance Department Chair

Sandra started at Williams College in 1980s in the Dance Department. She created Kusika in 1986. Kusika still exists today and is a popular ensemble that students perform twice a year.

"I saw the potential for dance to thrive, I could see it"

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Erica Dankmeyer

Erica is an alum to Williams College. She has been dancing her whole life. She has been teaching at the college since....She teaches beginner and advanced Modern Dance.

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Holly Silva

Holly Silva tells us the story of how she found a passion for dance in college while attending school, working, and taking, not one, but three dance classes a day. Listen to her inspiring journey that takes her across the Northeast, teaching at many institutions before becoming an instructor and production manager here at Williams College in 2004.

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Janine Parker

Janine Parker, choreographer, dancer, and author has taught ballet for over 30 years and joined Williams in 2007. Listen to her fascinating story as she describes how her late start in dancing eventually led to a passion for the world of dance.

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Alex Bernstein '23 & Vanessa Quinland '22

Alex joined the dance department in the first semester of education at Williams College. Alex had a dance background but found Kusika to be an entire new dance style. Vanessa did not have any dance background and joined Kusika their first semester at williams. Both students stayed in dance all 4 years.

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Kareem Khubchandani

Kareem Khubchandani is an Associate Professor of Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies at Tufts University. With a background in researching the intersections between queer nightlife, global politics, ethnography, South Asian diaspora, and drag, listen to his unique perspective that merges these implications to dance.

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Will Rawls 00'

Will Rawls is a choreographer, performer, and writer exploring the instability of identity and form afforded by live performance. Curious about the ambiguous nature of dance as a medium, his choreographic practice employs movement, often in conjunction with text, objects, and other media, to reconsider how personal and cultural histories are embodied, resisted, and reconstructed. 

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Maxine Lyle '00

Maxine Lyle is an alum and co founder of Sankofa, established in 1996. Now, she currently owns Soul Steps, LLC and works as an Artistic Director. In Spring 2022, Lyle had a workshop at Williams teaching Step.

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Tendai Muparutsa

Tendai Muparutsa (PhD) is multi instrumentalist, educator, recording artist and director of Zambezi marimba band and co-director of Kusika dance company.


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We are a student run dance group founded in 2006, that covers dances and genres from Folklorico to Salsa, and from Dembow y Reggeaton to Bachata y Merengue, and many more. This team works together to choreograph dances and put on amazing shows that strive to display the culture of Latino and Afro-Latino diaspora.

Listen to student leaders Alex Bernstein, Leilani Fuentes & Karla Mercedes